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Quality Assurance

Firstly is the source of controlling raw materials. When the product is produced, the operation of the equipment is observed, replaced, and finally is the of inspection process of finished product .

The wall plate is mainly based on manual detection. The audio and video lines mainly rely on the 8681 instrument to test that whether each point is open and there is no virtual soldering, then detect the signal frequency by the high-definition television DVD. The product also needs to be tested by QA before packaging.

  • Lor Tester
    Lor Tester

    A new instrument for measuring network parameters, which can directly measure the complex scattering parameters of active or passive, reversible or irreversible dual-port and single-port networks, and give the amplitude and phase frequency characteristics of each scattering parameter in frequency sweep mode.

  • Rohs Tester
    Rohs Tester

    A product specially designed for environmental protection directives such as ROHS and EN71. The integrated design of the streamline body and the latest Si-pin detector, electric refrigeration instead of liquid nitrogen refrigeration, small size, accurate data analysis and low cost.

  • Reverse Bend Tester
    Reverse Bend Tester

    Test the pin pull-out line and the flexural strength of the wire. The method is to fix the sample on the fixture and add a certain load. When the test is performed, the fixture swings left and right. After a certain number of times, the line break rate is checked, or when the power is not available, the total number of pendulums is checked. It can automatically count, and the sample stops automatically when the sample is bent to the time when it cannot be energized.

  • Oven Tester
    Oven Tester

    It adopts microcomputer intelligent digital display temperature controller, with PID self-tuning, measuring temperature correction, timing, over-temperature alarm and other functions. Climbing wave temperature is small, temperature control accuracy is high.

  • Resistance Tester
    Resistance Tester

    A portable precision DC bridge with a wide range of Kelvin lines. It is equipped with a zero indicator and can be supplied with working power. It is suitable for the accurate measurement of DC low resistance in laboratories and research institutes' laboratories and workshops or in the field. It is a designated product of the wire and cable industry regulations.

  • Microscope

    Mainly used to observe the structure of the cable, structural analysis and view of the internal structure

  • Load Tester
    Load Tester

    Mainly used for tensile, compression and bending tests of metallic materials and non-metallic materials such as wood, cement and concrete.

  • Densing Tester
    Densing Tester

    Suitable for rubber, wire and cable, aluminum products, plastic PVC particles, powder metallurgy, mineral rock, EVA foam materials, glass industry, metal products, precision ceramics, refractory materials, magnetic materials, alloy materials, mechanical parts, metal recycling, New materials research laboratory for minerals and rock, cement manufacturing, jewelry industry.

  • Electornic Perfprmence Tester
    Electornic Perfprmence Tester

    A method and means for testing and inspecting electrical equipment, electrical product insulation conditions, reflecting the advantages and disadvantages of insulation performance, and judging whether the insulation performance meets electrical performance requirements.

  • Alternating Temperature Huntdity Test Chamber
    Alternating Temperature Huntdity Test Chamber

    Applicable to wire, leather, plastic, rubber, cloth, before and after heating characteristics. In order to maintain the fresh air in the box when the electric wires are heated, the ventilation amount is adjusted.